50 Outrageous Fees

CNNMoney.com has an excellent article today on 35 most outrageous fees (and how to avoid them). But they missed a few of my pet peeves. So I made up the expanded list of fees that I detest. The first 35 are from CNN Money website. Feel free to add to the list.

  1. Airlines: Getting paper tickets instead of e-tickets

  2. Airlines: Talking to a person instead of using online or automated system

  3. Airlines: Changing your flight

  4. Airlines: Reserving an aisle seat (I hadn’t heard of this one before! Outrageous Indeed!)

  5. Airlines: Excess Baggage

  6. Car rental: Insurance

  7. Car rental: Excise taxes

  8. Hotel: Internet connection fee

  9. Hotel: Resort fee

  10. Hotel: Automatic gratuities

  11. Hotel: Package delivery fees

  12. Hotel: Mini-bar restocking

  13. Phone: Carrier cost recovery fee

  14. Phone: AT&T's tax-related surcharge

  15. Phone: Property tax surcharge

  16. Phone: Activation fee

  17. Phone: Cancellation penalty

  18. Shopping: Gift-card activation fee, inactivity fees

  19. Real Estate: Junk closing costs

  20. Real Estate: Title insurance

  21. Mortgage: Biweekly payment fee ( this is highway robbery, if you ask me! )

  22. Banking: ATM fees

  23. Banking: Monthly service fee

  24. Banking: Bad-deposit fee

  25. Banking: Foreign-currency fee

  26. Credit cards: Credit-card late fees

  27. Credit cards: Balance-transfer fee

  28. Credit cards: Over-limit fee

  29. Credit cards: Same-day payment fee

  30. Investments: Mutual Fund Fees, overcharged Index funds

  31. Investments: Fees for actively managed Large U.S. stock funds

  32. Investments: Target-date retirement funds

  33. Investments: Variable annuity expenses

  34. Investments: Brokerage transfer fees

  35. Investments: 529 expenses

  36. --- My Additions ---

  37. Airlines: Headset purchase fee on long-haul flights.

  38. Travel: Itenerary change insurance Did you know most of the popular ones require a “Doctor’s Note” to actually let you to change your plans ??!!

  39. Travel: Some museums and entertainment parks charge video or camera fee!

  40. Car Rental: Mileage fees

  41. Car Rental: Additional Driver fees

  42. Car Rental: Out-of-state Charges

  43. Hotel: Local Phone call fees

  44. Restaurant: Shared entrĂ©e fee (yes, it does exist – I have to pay more to eat less!) and automatic gratuity for more than 5 at a table

  45. Phone: Roaming charges. If you are still paying these, its about time to switch carriers.

  46. (International) Calling Cards: Call connection fees, 3-minute rounding (sometimes even 6-minute rounding!), inactivity fee etc. etc.

  47. Online Shopping: Restocking fee for returns.

  48. Credit Cards: Annual Fees (How could they have missed this !)

  49. Day Care: Late fees.

  50. Auto Care: $60 computer diagnostic fees, to just tell me what is wrong !

  51. Last but not the least – Fees for seeing your credit score. By law, the credit report for free, but not the credit score. Ugh….!

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