Discussion for 101 Tips for Frugal Living

This is the discussion board for 101 Tips for Frugal Living. I would like to leave that post a handy quick reference guide, so I have discouraged any lenghty discussion there (new tips are always welcome, though). If you have any comments, compliments, rants, raves, ramblings, flames etc, please vent it out here or head over to the discussion that started it all. Thanks!

Let me start. I compiled the list based on an excellent discussion titled "Please post your specific suggestions for living Frugally without hardship", started by DaveHanson on the FatWallet Finance Forum. For me the stress on "without hardship" is important. While I would like to pinch as many pennies out of a dollar as I possibly can, I dont want to live in an eternal state of self-inflicted poverty. So, some of the tips on the list will work for me, while others I refuse to follow. For example, I do not mind buying an antique used lamp from the thrift store, but I refuse to get my clothes there. Similarly, low flow showers and toilets are great tips, but thanks, I'll pass :)

One tip that really stuck a cord for me though, and made me get off my ass and do something right away, was to check the number of light bulbs in the bathroom. We have EIGHT (four over each sink)! I immediately unscrewed two from each set and now we still get enough and more light while staying efficient. A lot of other tips are a part of my every day habits. A rough estimate is that I follow about 70 of these tips. Not too bad huh ? :) I need to come back to it every now and then though, to make sure I have not given in to "Lifestyle Inflation".

How about you? Whats your score ?

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