Finance blogs for/by students or fresh grads

While there seem to be umpteen blogs on PF in general, there are very few specific for/by students or fresh grads. Maybe I just haven’t found them yet. Or maybe not many students care for this topic (To be frank, I didn’t when I was still a student, and now I wish it was otherwise, but we digress). So I decided to create this "live" list of the student/fresh grad PF blogs I know. I intend to update it as-and-when I collect more links. If you are a fellow-blogger and not mentioned here, my apologies – please do comment/send an email with a link to your blog. If you have a favorite blog or a post on another PF blog site aimed towards students/fresh grads, I would appreciate a link to that too. TIA.

First the blogs that I read regularly -

  • One of the first few student PF blogs I started tracking is by Jennifer Lynn at Broke-Ass Student. I like reading her posts since it seems to me like she puts a lot of thought into what she publishes. Her posts have depth. Also, when she does short posts with links to other blogs/articles on the web (like the “random browsing” on this blog), the quality of the material the link points to is very good too.

  • Another well-written blog that I like is An English Major's Money. I think I am fascinated by the fact that a young English Major blogs about money related topics. Until very recently, money-stuff for me was synonymous to dry, drab and boring. Wouldn’t an English major want to blog about something romantic, poetic and lyrical? Well, not this one :)

  • Money, Matter, and More Musings contains musings by golbguru on well, money, matter and more :) Lot of interesting posts here, on all sorts of topics, in a free flowing conversational style.

Next I have a list of posts from other PF blogs that I read regularly. While the blog in general is not dedicated to student/fresh grad PF, these posts are definitely worth checking out.

  • Jim over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity is a seasoned PF blogger and I subscribe to his feeds and he usually has very interesting posts. On his blog he has put together a bunch of posts targeted for students which I think are a good read for aspiring financial saavy students. Check them out at the PF College archive at blueprint for financial prosperity

  • One of the PF Blogs I really enjoy reading is The Simple Dollar. In Trent’s (the owner of the blog) own words, he "nearly went bankrupt" and the blog was born in the period when he decided to make the financial turn around. In view of this, I highly recommend this post - If I Could Do It All Over Again: Advising Myself At Age Eighteen to all my readers, so we can learn from his mistakes. It’s a nice poignant post, and I couldn’t have put it better myself if I tried!

  • J.D. at Get Rich Slowly has these 27 Money Tips for College Students. It is a nicely organized post with to-the-point advice. I would recommend that you print out a copy of it and have it "lying around" someplace where it catches your attention often.

  • This next blog is new to me, but it is by a student and has a personal finance section. The posts in the personal finance section are solid and a lot along similar lines to what I think. So, maybe I will start tracking it from now on :)

Here are some other blogs that are on my radar, but I have not spent enough time there to do justice to them by reviewing. If you are a frequent reader at any of these blogs below, please do let us know what you think.

Some of these blogs have not been updated recently (maybe because it’s the holiday season?). But they have some good archived material.

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golbguru said...

Thanks for the link and the mention.
Keep writing, and we will keep coming to read it all :)
You are inspiring me to write a few things specific to financial situation of international students.

Stingy Student said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up. I'm not too sure how to fix bugs, but I use Firefox, and on your blog, the description below your title and the google ad runs into each other. Just thought you'd like to know. I never check mine for compatibility with other browsers either, so I probably should.....

Wanda said...

I write Well-Heeled - thanks for your interest! I'd love to get your stamp (link?) of approval so feel free to take a look at my site. :) If you have any questions let me know.

Wil said...

I'd like to throw my name into your hat as well. I have a pretty fair blog, site, etc devoted to personal finance for youth and young adults. Check it out.

if you have any questions, email me@

Just so you know, I'm a professional, but I'm NOT selling anything here. Just free advice.