The Best of: Carnivals and Festivals

Thanks to the freezing weather, we were stuck inside the house for most part of the weekend and the early part of this week (yoohoo, for surprise unexpected holidays!). I came across several great carnivals and festivals to which I submitted some entries. And when the new editions came out, I had a lot of reading material for those stuck-at-home days. Here is a quick roundup of my favorites. I hope you like them too...

Carnival of Personal Finance, the mother of all Carnivals, has several great posts that I liked -

  • Money Smart Life has an excellent article titled The 10 Worst Credit Card Mistakes College Students Make . It’s a great post and must-read for all students with credit cards.

  • Flexo over at Consumerism Commentary instigates an interesting discussion with the post titled Forget About the Latte Factor. Not only is the article interesting, it is followed by a fantastic discussion in the comments sections. Check it out.

  • John at mightybargainhunter has listed Sixteen ways being disorganized costs you money. I am a bit of an organization freak, and this post made me feel great that all my obsessive compulsive orderliness might actually be saving me some money :)

  • Finally, Stephanie’s story about why she left school at Poorer Than You really broke my heart :( I hope she will find a way to get back to school, soon!

As always, the Festival of Frugality has a load of informative posts for those that do (or want to) watch their wallets closely. The ones I liked this week are

The Carnival of Debt Reduction presented in the form of a FAQ, has several great articles as well. My favorites are

The Carnival of the Capitalists has a slightly different focus and I found several interesting articles. The Biggest Barrier to Becoming Rich at Free Money Finance is an article that fits right into the focus of this blog.

Personal Development Carnival has an excellent post by Andrea Dickson at Wise Bread titled Can I Conquer My Vanity for the Sake of My Sanity? It’s very thought provoking for all of us who want to be frugal, but have such set image of ourselves that the compromise seems too difficult.

That’s a lot of reading right there. Hope you all enjoy the carnivals and festivals as much as I did!

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Golbguru said...

ispf, thanks for the mention and the link.

Btw, I have received your article for the Festival for Under 30 Finances :). Thanks for contributing.