News Flash: Blogger Starts Support for Custom Domains

For all you frugal bloggers out there who have stuck with the * address while your peers have moved to custom domain names, your patience has finally paid off! Blogger will now support your custom domain, with no extra cost for the hosting! That means, you can now have a fancy website name for your blog, just like your peers, but you only pay ~$10 per year that it costs to buy your domain. You will still have to use the blogger editing interface, but if you are a newbie like me who has spent the better part of last month learning how to blog using blogger and tweaking the blogger template, I am sure you will not mind much :) If that argument doesnt apply to you, then think of the ~$100/year that you save on hosting expenses, and suddenly blogger interface doesnt look so bad. Optimist that I am, I am sure if we stay patient for a little more time, all the fancy plug-ins now available for the elite wordpress users will eventually be available to us economy-class blogger users :) Specific details on how to move your blog to a fancy new address are available on the Blogger Help Site.

NOTE: I read on some forums that google currently has some teething trouble in getting the system up and running, so it may be a better idea to wait for a few days before moving your blog to its new home.

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1 Comment:

Golbguru said...

Man I miss those blogger days. I was using blogger till about early november and then moved to wordpress with a own hosted domain. Wordpress is awesome but a lot more rigid than blogger...and I still don't know what will happen if something is messed up.

With blogger it was very simple...just load the previous template that I saved as a text file :)...Anyways..point is that blogger was not that bad :)