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Here are the Top 10 posts on this blog (as of 10/21/06).

  1. What I Do to Live Frugally

  2. 10 Steps Using Which Even a Lazy Person Can Be a Millionaire

  3. 11 Things You Do Not Learn In School

  4. 25 Simple Ways to Save Yourself from Messing Up Your Career

  5. Campaign Against Financial Myths: 82 Myths Busted!

  6. Credit Card Arbitrage (Plus an Image of the $2,000 we Made...)

  7. 5 Financial Lessons I Wish My Dad Had Learnt

  8. 101 Tips for Frugal Living

  9. Surviving Personal Productivity Down-Time

  10. Frugal Ways to Spend Time with Friends (and Still Have a Blast)

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And here is the old sampler I used to have. It's a bit dated and I haven't had a chance to update it yet, but it should give you an idea for the type of topics covered here and the writing style...

--- Old "Sampler" ---

Hi! If you are here for the first time, Welcome! (And if you have been here before, Welcome back :) Here is a "sampler" menu of some of the articles so far. If you like what you read, I encourage you to subscribe to the feed. Enjoy your stay, and thanks for visiting!

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