Weekly Free Book Giveaway
(With Great Odds of Winning)

For all you bibliophiles out there, here is a great chance to score some free books! Biz Book Talk gives away free books (business related) on Fridays (and sometimes, Mondays?). All you have to do is go to their website and leave a comment answering the question for that week’s giveaway. Simple as that!

I can’t remember how I found about this first, but I have a reminder on my calendar every Friday to enter into this contest. I have entered twice so far, and won one book already! You’ve got to love those odds :) The book I won, “Beyond Code: Learn to Distinguish Yourself in 9 Simple Steps!” has pretty good rating on Amazon and I probably would have liked reading it even if it weren’t free! So, yeeeay, I am so excited to win!

Since, I never win anything (ever!) I decided to go check the odds of winning and sure enough, so few people participated in this week’s give away that one in every 2.8 people who left a comment won! Since the book is quite well rated and the reviews look very nice, I suspect this is only because not many people know about this giveaway yet. They have given away 6 books so far since January, and here are the odds. If any of you out there are bibliophiles and love scoring free books, you might want to bookmark this site, and add a weekly reminder for yourself to enter! I don’t think the odds will remain this good forever, so grab as many books as you can, now! :)

Odds of Winning in the Past Giveaways @ bizbooktalk.com
DateBook Title# Comments# Books Given AwayOdds
02/09/07Beyond Code...1451 in 2.8
02/05/07The Halo Effect...1010Everyone who entered!
02/02/07Wikinomics...17101 in 1.7
01/26/07What got you here...2231 in 7.3
01/19/07Made to Stick...119101 in 11.9
01/12/07Change or Die55Everyone who entered!

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Tight Fisted Miser said...

Thanks for the tip. Of course by publicising this you are reducing your chances of winning.

ispf said...

Tight fisted miser: I know :( But, since the site's not going to stay a secret forever anyway, I figure I might as well establish some good karma :)