The Best of Finance Blogosphere: Some Great ‘Series’ to Watch Out

Most conventional wisdom about blogging says you should not start back after a break with a post that contains a bunch of links. Well, I am about to do just that! For one, I have never been one to do what I am told to do. And two, these are some great links that I want to collect in one place so over the next few weeks it’s easier for me to get to them whenever I want to! So here we go. Today’s edition focuses on some of the interesting ongoing series on the personal finance blogs out there. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and if you have any recommendations for me (or the other readers) please feel free to add them in the comments.

One blog that I am going to be visiting very often over the next few weeks is Free Money Finance to check out the progress of Free Money Finance March Madness. On Feb 21st, FMF had an open invitation to all Personal Finance bloggers to submit up to 4 of their best articles to be entered into a bracket competition similar to the NCAA basketball tournament. What started out with 128 posts was reduced to 64 (based on reader comments and FMF’s own judgment) and it is now in round 3 with 32 posts. I missed some of the rounds due to my absence the past few days, but when I checked it out during the past few days, I realized how difficult it is getting to vote! All the articles are very very good! A couple of my posts have made it till the 3rd round (one here and other yet to be posted), but it looks like it’s about time for me to move from being a player to a mere voter :) Check it out – even if you don’t want to vote in any of the rounds, this is a great chance to discover some new blogs!

Alright, moving on, the next series is by the “blogging machine” Trent @ The Simple Dollar. This series titled Five Minute Finances contains some quick hacks to improve your finances in five minutes. So far, Trent has covered tips on several different topics ranging from brown bagging lunch to opening 401K account. It is quick, interesting and there is always something new to learn. A nice series to watch out.

Next, Leo @ Zen Habits has started a series called Financial Tips Day which features every Wednesday. This blog is fairly new to me, and the more I read, the more I want to go back to it! Leo has some great solid tips for personal development and while I have highlighted the Finance Tips above since I focus mainly on financial issues, I read a lot of his life hacks too. And while you are there, don’t forget to check out his “My Story” link.

Then, of course there is the Devil’s Advocate Series by Jim @ The Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. I love looking at an issue from as many different angles as I possibly can (and confusing the crap out of myself :) ). And, I enjoy argument against conventional wisdom. So, I find this series of posts by Jim to be just awesome. So far Jim has argued against buying a house, optimizing payroll deductions, Index funds & Roth IRA’s, 0% BT arbitrage and buying a car (in favor of leasing it!). I don’t know if Jim plans to continue posting in this series, but I sure hope he does. Either ways, check out the archives for some great posts!

Oh, and Golbguru from Money, Matter, and More Musings has a new series Gold as an Investment. He has already got some great comments on his basic introductory article and it looks like this is going to be a fiery set of posts! I personally never thought of gold as a serious investment vehicle, so I sure will watch out for this series for the nuggets of information (pun intended) in it, both in the main article and in the comments.

Finally, a dormant series by J. D. Roth on articles dedicated to DIY. There are some great posts in the archives that I still need to catch up with (and so the link is included here) and the hope that the series will again be revived.

Due to my absence last weekend, I didn’t get around to linking back to all the Carnivals and Festivals I participated in. So here is the list for the past two weeks -

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Ben said...

Oops, sorry about overlooking your submission for the Festival of Under 30 Finances, won't happen again :)

ispf said...

Ben: Apologies accepted :)