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This is a link-bait review of the blog I am sorry if you are a regular reader and are a bit disappointed to read this. I will follow this post up with a really good, long post that is more relevant to the main focus of this blog. A n00b blogger’s gotta do what it takes for some traffic :) If you are really interested in finding out more about this site though – read on.

The first thing I noticed when I looked at Tyler’s blog was that on the right sidebar he has very prominently posted “My Earnings - Daily Average: $256”. *Whistle*. Now that ain’t something you can easily brush off! It’s close to an annual income of six figures! Below the amount, Tyler has listed the sites that he owns. It’s an impressive list. If someone can juggle all these websites and make a decent income, then there certainly has to be something to learn from them right? So, I decided to take up the review offer and started to dig around his blog.

I first started out by looking at the main page. The first entry The Business of Luck is very well written. It looks at the role luck plays in entrepreneurship. I am partial to long, thought provoking articles and this certainly fell in that category. So I decided to continue looking into the blog. The next entry Efficiency Tips is a life hack. Fairly basic information, but well organized and well written. I like this guy’s style.

OK. So far, I was having a good time hanging out at this guy’s blog and looking around. So I decided to look a little deeper. Maybe find some posts that are more relevant to the readers of my blog. But to my dismay, Tyler has not listed his posts by categories! He has archives of 1.5 years and the posts are all listed according to the archival month. Tyler, seriously, how do you expect anyone to review your blog if you haven’t categorized your posts? By going through every post that you wrote to find the ones that really shine and should be highlighted? An archive listing is great if you want impress someone about how long you have been blogging, but if you want people from different walk’s of life to visit your blog and find their way around, a categorized list will be much more appreciated.

OK, since there were no categories (and I wasn’t too successful digging up what I wanted using the search feature), I decided to do what the quality engineers do in factories across the US – randomly pick a monthly archive and sample the posts. If I find something interesting, I will list it here. If I cant find something interesting in a reasonable amount of time, I will give up trying to review and it’s bye-bye Tyler.

As it turns out, this blog is really neat, and I had a good time looking around! The writing style is very casual – almost anything that seems to be of interest to the author is mentioned. Very often, the older posts contain discussion of 2 or 3 disconnected topics, bundled up in one post. Sometimes there are video blogs (which, frankly, I didn’t care for). Discussion, rants and tips. In all this, one thing stood out though – most posts are long and have substance. And they are all fairly well-organized. It felt like hanging out at a coffee shop with old friends – conversations flow freely, most topics are interesting and you can connect with the person speaking.

Ok, so here are a few posts that I had a chance to read and would recommend to someone who is just getting started with this blog. Since I am not a long time reader (but likely to become one), I don’t know if these are the best posts from the blog. But these are the ones I liked during my random browsing and give a good flavor of what the blog is all about.

  • PublisherSpot Launched! - In this post Tyler talks about the launch of his latest project – the PublisherSpot website. Since I have been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and am considering becoming a website owner sometime in the future, I enjoyed reading this post about Tyler’s first hand experience in launching a site.

  • A blog search for “PublisherSpot” returned another post that I thought I would share with you all. PublisherSpot Back on Track - This one is more recent and talks about the hurdles he faced with getting the website up.

  • Tyler Got Hacked! - This was another entry that grabbed my attention. In this entry Tyler describes how one of the sites he owns was hacked and how he dealt with the situation. If you are a web entrepreneur, and plan to be one in the future, I am pretty sure you will find this one interesting.

Well, that a lot longer review than I intended to write – so I got to run now. Y’all enjoy your time on Tyler’s Blog.

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