A Comprehensive List of Helpful Job Search Resources

Spending too much time on Google looking for job search resources? Looking for some new insight into job hunting, but frustrated to find articles that repeat the same old boring advice for the millionth time? Well, look no further. I have collected here some of the best resources on the web related to job search, ranging from basics to new-age tips. I have limited the number of links in each sub category to the best 5 (in my opinion, of course) to avoid information overload. Chances are, between these links (and the "related articles" links within them) most of your questions will be answered. If you know of resources that are better than the ones mentioned here, you are welcome to list them in the comments section. However, I reserve the right to delete comments with spammy links or links to rote tips. So, here we go.

To get that dream job (with the killer salary) you need to -

  1. Have a stellar resume

  2. Add a cover letter

  3. Do an electronic job search in parallel

  4. Know the company (and modify your resume and cover letter, if necessary)

  5. Prepare for phone interview

  6. Prepare for the face-to-face interview

  7. Leverage behavioral interviews

  8. Dress appropriately, know the etiquette

  9. Deal with multiple offers

  10. Be able to negotiate salary

With so many good resources out there, I am sure you will be able to find that dream job and get that killer salary. Be sure to let me know how your search turned out - I love comments from readers :) Good Luck.

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Lucy said...

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leads said...

Links for phone interviews were helpful