How to Convert Failure into the Proverbial Stepping Stone for Success

Why are some people more successful than others? While good luck, hard work and being smart certainly help, there is one distinct trait that differentiates them from others. And that is, they know how to convert failure into the proverbial stepping stone to success. Be it your finances or your personal life, being able to recover from failure is crucial for both survival and excellence. Here’s how to overcome failure and head for success.

Think of it as a set back, not a failure
The term failure has a "final" ring to it. It has a lot of negative connotations attached to it since the beginning of time. Instead, think of what you just faced as a temporary setback. When you change your perspective, the whole thing starts to diminish and it becomes a lot easier to pick up the pieces and move on.

Acknowledge it, but don’t dwell on it
In order to be able to move on, you need to face your setbacks. Do what you have to, to acknowledge it. Punch the wall. Lock yourself in the bathroom and cry your heart out. Go for a jog. Do whatever that works for you. But once done, leave it behind and move on.

Do not give in to self doubts
This is the time self doubts will assault you in full force. But doubting yourself will not achieve anything. Instead of giving in to self doubts and losing your self esteem, turn it into constructive criticism and think of it as an opportunity to improve.

Do not play the blame game
Nothing will come out of a blame game. You will find temporary relief, but unless you determine what the problem was, fixing the blame on someone or something, does not resolve anything. Don’t beat yourself up either – that’s just tantamount to blaming yourself. Go after the solution instead of trying to pin the problem and you will find that progress just follows.

Inspect the reasons for the setback objectively
Are they in your control? If so, plan on how you will avoid them in the future. If not, is there anyone/anything you can influence that may modify the outcome in the future. If neither, then learn some discipline and patience. Worrying will only make things worse. Some things just aren’t meant to be.

Salvage whatever you can
Even if you think it is a complete loss, there may be a means to salvage something. Do your best to recover whatever you can. And then, bury the remains and leave it behind. Tomorrow’s another day.

Finally, plan for the future and focus on implementing your new plan
Ask yourself, what next. Do you want to try again? Is it time to move on to something new? This is a decision only you can make. Do not let anyone tell you what to do. Seek opinion, but ultimately, make the decision that is right for you. And follow it through.

You have to remember, failing is a part of life. It is natural to fail before succeeding. Think of how you learnt to walk. So, when you fail next time, instead of staying down, take a deep breath, hold your head high, and move on.

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