5 Gifts for Mom That Won’t Ever Go Out of Fashion

Not a day goes by these days that you don’t hear about the perfect diamond or the perfect car for mom on Mother’s day. I am sure mom would love these expensive gifts. But I am sure there are other gifts she would like as much, or maybe even more. So this mother’s day, if you cannot indulge you mom with expensive gifts, try to give her some of these invaluable ones that she is sure to cherish a lot more.

The Gift of Time
It seems that things have got so busy these days that we have everything that we need, but time. When was it last that you spent some quality time with your mom? Without the cell phone to interrupt, without the chores that waited to be completed and without the clients on your mind? This mother’s day give mom the gift of time. It’s on a weekend – so if possible try to spend an entire day with her. Surprise her with flowers. Take her out for brunch. If you have kids, bring them with you. If you are not in the same town as her, set aside some time and call her. Make sure to avoid any interruptions during this time.

The Gift of Sharing
Does she know what your dreams are? Have you told her lately what is happening in your life? Remember the time when you were a lot younger and confided everything in her? Maybe it’s time to repeat that again. Take the initiative to start a conversation. Share with her something that affects you profoundly. Or make her laugh with some silly stories from school or work place. Share your hopes or tell her about the circus that your life is. It doesn’t really matter. Just talk to her. And don’t forget to mention that you love her!

The Gift of Listening
Do you know what has been happening in her life? Have you really listened to her lately? If she is an older person, it is very easy to brush off some the things as boring. But don’t. Just once, listen to what she has to say. Allow her to share her problems with you. Some of them may be extremely unpleasant for you. But listen to them anyway. You don’t have to be able to solve them. Just listening can be a great gift. Instigate her to tell you the stories from her youth. About her dreams and her hopes. Listen to them.

The Gift of Forgiveness
Everyone has some memory or the other of a harsh word that mom said when they were younger. Or a dream that was crushed because mom did not seem to see it the same way. Remember that mother’s don’t bear children so they may intentionally crush their dreams or hurt them. She is just human. She was doing what she thought was best. Maybe in hind sight it was not the right thing to do, but she tried. So this mother’s day try to give her the gift of forgiveness. Think of the good times you have had. The bad times will shrink away compared to them.

The Gift of Pride
Every mom thinks her child is the best there ever is. Even if you know you are very normal, she thinks you are special. Don’t be embarrassed by it. Don’t be overwhelmed by it. Accept it. Share with her your accomplishments whenever possible. Tell her about your achievements. Even if they seem minor to you, she will be proud of you. Give her the gift of pride of knowing that she has raised beautiful human beings.

Happy Mother’s Day, Y'all!

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Ali said...

Yep, moms are definitely worth all these gifts and much much more.

Karlo Licudine said...

When I first read the title of your article, I really thought that you will be presenting a list of material things as a gift for mothers.

This post has opened up my mind and my heart. I learned that mothers value the love of their child rather than being given material things.

Thanks for this wonderful post! ^_^

If you have time, why don’t you drop by my post:

It’s also an entry for the problogger top 5- group writing project. ^^ Goodluck to us all!

cowboytf said...

Great Blog!! I really enjoyed reading it. As my kids get older these gifts really are the best gifts a mom could receive!

A Cowboy's Wife

ellen weber said...

It's a great gift to reveive any of these -- as well as a reminder to pass them on! We mom's can make a difference - especially on our day! Thanks for that reminder.

invest4life said...

great piece, I am pleasantly surprised that a fellow personal finance blogger would write something about mother's day that is not financially related, good for you. The forgiveness part is especially important, as kids grow up I think it's easy for mother's to reflect on their "work" of raising us and think of things they regret (scolding you when they shouldn't have, etc), but its good to let them know we understand it couldn't have been easy. Thanks for the post

Holly Schwendiman said...

Great share! I love them all and agree 100%

Here via the Carnival of Family Life