The Best of Finance Blogosphere: Problogger Group Writing Project Special

(Update: Based on the lengthy comments by fellow bloggers on the article What Have You Got Against Personal Finance Bloggers? @ Money, Matter, and More Musings, it seems like a lot of bloggers *HATE* linkfests and weekly roundups! I find this surprising since I mostly enjoy them. I don't have the time to read through all the blogs out there and I like "discovering" articles that I may have missed, through a fellow blogger with similar tastes as mine. And if I am on a new blog and do not have similar tastes as that blogger, I just skip past the roundup post. Also, a weekly roundup represents an opportunity to link and get linked from folks who think like me. So, week after week, I have been spending a significant amount of time in rounding up my faves and writing a commentary around them. And if no one really likes it, I guess there is no point in continuing to do it. So here is a question to you - a reader of this blog - do you really care for the weekly roundups? If "yes" please leave me a comment below. Otherwise, this below, will be the last roundup post.)

This week I participated in the Pro Blogger Group Writing Project that invited bloggers from all walks of life to write an article around the theme "Top 5". I entered with the article 5 Gifts for Mom That Won’t Ever Go Out of Fashion. The project received an unbelievable number of entries - drumroll, please - 893 in 4 days! It was quite a nightmare to go through the list and pick the best ones related to personal finance. I finally managed to pare it down to a list of 25. This list took me a long time to compile, and I just don't have the energy today to write a commentary on each article as I usually do for my weekly roundups. So, here it is. I hope you enjoy them -

  1. The Top 5 Ways to Become a Millionaire by Jeremy

  2. The Top Five Steps to Grow Your Net Worth by FMF

  3. Top 5 Ways To Save Money Without Noticing by jim

  4. Top 5 Reasons Personal Fiance Blogs Are Better Than The Media by Canadian Dream

  5. Top 5 Reasons To Save For Retirement Now! by Retire Happy

  6. Top 5 Reasons I Started and Continue A Personal Finance Blog by Sun

  7. Top 5 Good Reasons to Sell a Stock by Q

  8. Why Your Mom is the Engine of Growth in the Global Economy by Ben

  9. Top 5 Financial Tips for Recent Graduates by Elizabeth

  10. Five Reasons That Credit Cards Rock and Debit Cards Suck by nickel

  11. 5 ways to reduce your car’s fuel consumption (and save you money) by Scott Bird

  12. Top 5 Obsessions Of A Finance Blogger: Stuff I Like And How It Affects My Wallet by Silicon Valley Blogger

  13. How to Budget for a New Baby - 5 Top Tips by Maria Crickett

  14. Top 5 Ways to Save Money While in School by Brett McKay

  15. Top five ways to kill your retirement dreams by mbhunter

  16. More Money: 5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash in Your Spare Time by J.D. Roth

  17. 5 Steps To Improve Your Credit Score by derek

  18. Top Five Reasons to Index Your Portfolio by Canadian Capitalist

  19. The 5 Smart Things To Do When You Purchase An Item With A Warranty by Dana

  20. Top 5 Paths to a Million Dollars by Lazy Man and Money

  21. Top 5 Mistakes Made By Real Estate Investors During the Housing Bubble by Joshua Dorkin

  22. Top 5 Ways To Go Broke by Nirav Desai

  23. A simple Top 5 trading/investing checklist by Falkor

  24. Top 5 Wealth Secrets by Chee Kui

  25. Top 5 Tips for the College Grad by Kim Roach (Not really “personal finance”, but great advice for recent grads!)

Finally, the list of Carnivals and Festivals for the week.

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Q at $1 Million to My Name said...

Waa-hoo, thanks for the linkage!

Golbguru said...

Wow...that's more than the last Carnival of Debt Reduction that I hosted a few weeks back. :)

Thanks for linking back to the CoPF.

Have you gone through some of the feedback on the - what's your beef against personal finance bloggers post?

ispf said...

Hey Golb: You have a great post out there.... Based on the comments there, I have been going back and forth whether to continue with the roundup or not but just couldn't decide. Finally, I have decided to post the question to the readers of this blog (maybe I should say, "imaginary readers"? - LOL) in an update to this post. If I dont receive any response, I guess I will stop. I sure could use all that time I spend on writing these roundups to do a lot of other things!

Dan Schawbel said...
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Anonymous said...
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Strange Bird said...

Personally? I prefer to go through your links to other blogs and not through the round-ups. When I am ready to leave your blog (or whatever blog I am reading), I scour the links on my own. I don't like feeling like I am forced to go elsewhere for content.

But that, of course, is just me. :)

ispf said...

Thanks, Strange bird. I don't think its just you. From the comments on Golb's blog, it looks like a lot of people don't like roundups.

I am so used to my "schedule" of posting the roundups on the weekend... I have to think of something else to fill this spot now. Hmmm....