What I Have Learnt About Success

  1. Perseverance plays a far bigger role than hard work or luck.

  2. The road to success is filled with many, many speed bumps and pot holes. If you cant deal with them, you better stay at home.

  3. Just like there are some places you cant get into without paying a cover charge, there are some types of success that cannot be had without kissing ass.

  4. Success won't be handed to you just because you have a fancy degree. You need to work for it like anyone else.

  5. Success breeds success. So if you successful at one thing, think quick and leverage the 15 seconds in the spotlight to launch your next big thing.

  6. Reading about success will not make you successful. Dreaming about success will not make you successful either. Usually, some sort of “action” is required.

  7. Sometimes success springs on you as a pleasant surprise. What you think is trivial may seem like the hardest thing for others and they may laud you for your achievements. Make the best out of such rare opportunities.

  8. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about how much effort you put in. If you want respect and accolades, you need to show results.

  9. The ease with which you can succeed is inversely proportional to how long the party lasts. The easier it is to get there, the sooner you will be replaced by someone else.

  10. And finally, the one that triggered this tirade: Sometimes success comes too darned late. By then you have moved on to something else. It doesn’t matter that your success is far more than what you ever anticipated or that you spent several years dreaming, wishing and hoping for this kind of success. Now it is nothing more than a piece of information that results in a bitter-sweet feeling that cuts like a knife at the pit of your stomach while at the same time filling your heart with joy and pride. Deal with it, and move on!

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Ben said...

RE #7, sometimes fancy degrees can stand in the way of success if you get too hung up on them.

ispf said...

Ben: Ain't that the truth!!!

Anonymous said...

Great posting. So true... all the self-help books in the world won't help you unless you take action.

Great blog and thanks for sharing