Why You Should Save for Retirement - A Photo Essay

Today you are young. And in the arrogance of youth you may believe that it is not necessary to start saving for retirement yet. But the consequences of such thinking are not pretty. Here are some stark reminders of what life can be like in our old age, if we don't plan for our retirement from right now. We may not be out on the streets, but wherever we work, if we are forced to do it to stay afloat, it will be equally sad!

Evening Post by rofanator via Flickr.

Old Thoughts by angelocesare via Flickr.

In suburbia by anyone_anywhere via Flickr.

Old woman selling peanuts in the beach by Henrique Vicente via Flickr.

Sweeping by zakwitnij via Flickr.

Lonely Lacie 1 by dave_merwin via Flickr.

Men at work by inoneear via Flickr.

Old Woman in Cathedral Village Regina by Daniel Paquet via Flickr.

Ever vigilant by Damgaard via Flickr.

Old woman by_gem_ via Flickr.

Tired by Farhang via Flickr.

Old Woman on Subway by MamboZ via Flickr.

The Old Man Of Wakefield by rofanator via Flickr.

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GradGirl said...

Wow. These images really drive home the message. Thanks for this reminder!

ispf said...

Gradgirl: They do, don't they? I wish I could take pictures that spoke so well!!! I am glad though that the photographers who took these pictures decided to share them!

Anonymous said...

I don't get your point. These are elderly people engaged for the most part in useful activity. Maybe they got tired of sitting around.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe not everyone is a lazy bourgeoisie. Like OMG!

Philip said...

Not only may they want to work, they may not have a choice. Saving for retirement doesn't mean anything if you have a horrible financial situation or a dehabilitating illness, or a million other things that can go wrong and drain any savings you may have. Many more valid issues are ignored by your statement. Its not the saving, its the fact that an 80 year old person would HAVE to save just to have a decent life. Our society should take care of the old, on at least a base level. Supposedly thats what social security is for, but I doubt I can count on that in my old age.

Anonymous said...

Why do we all focus on how our savings will protect us as seniors? When your mind starts going, or your body starts going, what you need more than anything is family. Preferably responsible kids who still like you.

GoldnSilver said...

I think it is important to be financially secure (for old age). It is equally important to be emotionally and pyshically(sp?) healthy. How? by having a strong social network support, nutritious diet, and regular exercise. It is also very important for older people to stay active, it's very boring to have nothing do.

Yes, having money is important, but having a well balanced lifestyle is equally important.

Rob in Madrid said...

nice pics, you must have spent alot of time looking for them. There's alot of photos to choose from