The Best of Finance Blogosphere: "I M BROKE" Edition

OK. Now onto some really great posts that I came across during the past couple of weeks.

Pinyo @ Moolanomy has started a great meme called the My One Money Advice meme and collected the response from all the different bloggers in one place. Frankly, this is the best collection of "one-liner" advice on money I have ever come across.

Jim @ Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has a thought provoking article about how you should compare salaries. If you can spare a few minutes I highly recommend that you stop by and read the whole article. If not, here is a tiny nugget from the article to mull on later when you are driving/cooking/cleaning etc. "You’re competing with folks with different educations, different skill sets, and different career paths. [...] You shouldn’t be comparing yourself to anyone else other than yourself. That’s the secret to being happy."

I have been trying not to look at my investment accounts during the past few weeks with the market down turn. And so when Sun @ Sun's Financial Diary started out an article by asking "There are sellers, there are buyers, and there are investors doing nothing. In this stormy market, who are you?" I was hooked. Highly recommended read.

Another really good article definitely worth taking out the time for is a guest post on Get Rich Slowly where the author shares how she and her new husband handled the situation where one is a saver and one is a spender. Any marriage in itself is not easy, but when two people with different financial philosophies get together, things get exponentially more complicated. I was very impressed with the way the author (and her husband) handled the situation!

With the whole sub-prime mess, everybody is busy pointing fingers either at those who offered interest only mortgages or those who accepted it. In the middle of this blame game, I found this article by Clever Dude explaining why they had chosen to go for the interest only mortgage 3 years ago quite refreshing.

Tempted to use the money in your emergency fund to [put your temptation here]? Then this article on the we are in debt blog that helps sort out the excuses from legitimate reasons is for you :)

Every one around me is either pregnant or working hard at it :) So I found this article by SVB @ Digerati Life about all the costs associated with raising kids very interesting (and scary :).

Planning to upgrade your home? The saving with me blog has a great article for helping you sort out the needs from wants while upgrading your home and has also gone the extra mile by soliciting advice from different bloggers on this matter.

Finally, winding down this "Best of" edition with a post from one of my favorite blogs - Money, Matter and More Musings. In this post, golbguru muses about why people accept wedding gifts? During our wedding, we had the "Presents in Blessings Only" printed on the wedding invite too, but frankly, I doubt that helps in any way! Would you *really* go without a gift to a wedding, if you were to receive an invite that says so (especially if it is pretty much a norm for everyone to add that to the wedding invite like it is in my community)?

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Zachary said...

Myself included, everyone seems to be broke these days!

ispf said...

Zachary: And yet, thankfully, not many drive a 30K+ SUV with a custom plate proclaiming "I M BROKE" :)

The Digerati Life said...

Thanks for featuring me in this list! I love kids now waaaay more than when I was single... ;) though with them under your belt, you'll probably need to expand your budget unless you follow in the footsteps of Nickel and Trent. I'm not sure how they do it but my guess is that somehow, their incomes expanded to cover their equally expanding expenses. Of course, just speculating, but that's kind of how I'm hoping to handle the extra expenses (think of ways to increase income as well).

ispf said...

SVB: Don't know how much I can do in the way of expanding the income, but sure will keep trying, at least until the littles ones come along :)

Tom said...

I'm sure that SUV was headed to the mall ready to do a $500 shopping spree all on their close to maxed out mastercard ;)

Anonymous said...

haha .. This made me laugh. I am truly broke as well.

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