Student Bloggers: Here Is You Chance To Make $10,000 From Your Blog!

Back in January, I had written about the Student Blogging Scholarships. Well, the deadline for the monster $10K scholarship is almost here! All you student bloggers out there have a little over 3 weeks to put the final shine on your blogs. The submission deadline for nominations is October 6th. Public voting will begin on October 8th and the winner will be declared on October 28th. For more information about the scholarship, check out the College Scholarships website.

Considering the hefty award amount and the broad scope, I suspect the competition will be quite stiff. I hope that one of you student bloggers writing about personal finance will win the scholarship – at least that way we can be sure that the winner won’t blow away the *entire* 10K on parties :) To help you add that final touch to your blog, here is a list of blogging tips shared by prominent personal finance bloggers. Good luck, and if you decide to put your name in the hat, be sure to leave a comment below so I (and hopefully some of the readers) can vote for you!

(I am sure there are many more good articles that I have missed - please feel free to share your favorites with the aspiring student bloggers!)

Two other sites that are not related to personal finance, but you must read (if you want to be a serious contender, that is) are Problogger and Copyblogger. Now be warned though, you could spend days together on each of these sites and not even realize it! And with the deadline so close, the more time you spend on reading about blogging, the less time you have to write on your blog – so watch out! I would recommend setting a restriction on how much time you allocate for improving your blog and how much for writing, *before* you visit either of these sites. To improve your efficiency, here are two good starting points for your quest

Well, good luck y’all. I sure hope a fellow finance blogger will take in the trophy this year. God knows there are enough of you out there who are well capable!

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Stephanie said...

Guess what! I applied, and now I'm a finalist! Woohoo! Thanks for the reminder from this entry - I was planning on entering anyways, but I think you gave me that extra kick I needed! ;)

ispf said...

Wow, Stephanie, Congratulations! This is awesome. I have voted for you.You have a good number of votes already and a good chance to win! I am so excited for you! Good Luck!