The Best of Finance Blogosphere: “I won a Wii!!” Edition

I still can’t believe it! I never win anything… and here it was, a mail from J. D. announcing that I had won a Wii in the giveaway for the group writing project! My entry to the contest made it in with just a few hours to spare before the deadline! Wow, talk about luck! I am so excited. It is just in time for our anniversary too – now we won’t go and throw money on buying gifts for each other. I will keep one Wii controller and the better half gets the other controller :) Thanks, J. D.!

Now on to some of my favorite posts from the past week.

  • I love long lists, and here is a great one by Ben @ Instigator blog titled An Introductory Guide to Startup Funding. Definitely something to bookmark for future use!

  • And while we are talking about lists, here is another great one. MBH @ Mighty Bargain Hunter has put together an excellent collection of money-related forums and discussion boards. There are 28 forums in that list! And I follow only one (Fatwallet Finance) and that too, quite rarely these days. Why are there only 24 hours in a day?

  • Ben @ Money Smart Life has a great post titled How to Work Extremely Hard and Get Nothing Done. I do this a lot with my “online” fun projects – currently I have two ideas in the incubator that show no signs of coming to life :( Thank god though, its not so much of a problem in my regular job where things move a lot more smoothly!

  • I have heard the phrase “Cut your losses early” several time, but never really paid much attention to the math behind it. Pinyo @ Moolanomy does a great job in explaining the math.

  • And here is a nice article by Sun @ Sun’s Financial Diary about rate chasing. Hmmm, I have my credit card arbitrage money still sitting in HSBC earning only 4.5% APR – maybe chasing credit card offers is not enough to play this game, maybe I should be chasing rates too to maximize my returns. Something to think about.

  • GolbGuru @ Money, Matter and More Musings has a heart wrenching money story by Dough Roller. It’s reading personal stories like these where people have overcome tragic past to create a fantastic future that keep me addicted to personal finance blogs!

  • Frank @ Finance and Fat shares his personal finance success story as part of J. D.’s group writing project.

  • And back to lists. Financial Hack has a massive list of 117 quotes about procrastination. Hmmm, maybe I should read it tomorrow :)

  • Christian PF points to a study that indicates that swearing in the workplace can benefit morale because it helps employees bond to each other. Hmmm. Interesting. I did believe something along these lines while I was in undergrad, but hey, grow up already!

  • Clever Dude is on a donating spree and has given away 132 items of clothing, valued at $707, to goodwill. Wow! I used to clear out my closet every time we moved apartments, but now that we have a house, I have a feeling 10 years down the line, I will be writing a post exactly like that (if there is still such a thing called blogging at that time :)

  • Mrs. Micah revisits the latte factor discussion but has a unique perspective that will help you feel-good. Something to think about.

  • And finally, SVB at Digerati life celebrate her first Blogiversary by sharing her Silicon Valley job history. And she also has a giveaway to celebrate the blogiversary. Check it out!

So much for now. Hope you all have a great weekend

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no more spending said...

Well done!!

kingkool68 said...

Congrats on winning the Wii! Mario Party 8 is a lot of fun. Probably would be much better if there were lots of people around who like to play.

Be prepared to have a Wii party soon.

Mrs. Micah said...

Thanks for the link, and congrats again!

Kyle said...

Congrats on winning! Happy gaming, and don't throw the controller through the TV!!