Announcing the Winners of October Book Giveaway...

Ooops. I was so caught up with work over the past few weeks that I almost forgot to announce the winners of the October book giveaway! And I was really looking forward to this too. Geez. Anyway, it’s better late than never, right? For the giveaway of the book "Your Money and Your Brain: How the new science of Neuroeconomics can help make you rich", after removing the duplicate entries, we had 19 people contesting for 3 books. Here is a look at all those who participated.

1. Anastasia     2. Diane     3. Michael    
4. plonkee     5. Ashley     6. Ryan    
7. Stephanie     8. paidtwice     9. the seeker    
10. Michele     11. Luke     12. Beth    
13. Anja     14. Anonymous     15. David    
16. Jenne     17. Nivek     18. Anitz    
19. The Bag Lady            

I ran the numbers through the random number generator and the winners are –

Congratulations David, Luke and Anastasia! I will send you an email to get your shipping addresses and have the books shipped out to you this week.

Thanks everyone for participating, and hopefully we will have another giveaway soon!

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1 Comment:

Anitz said...

Oh congrats to David, Luke and Anastasia! Please blog us about your impressions!