Buying Insurance: Factors to Consider For Security and Savings

(This is a guest article by Barbara Waltz*)

Whether it was for an auto accident or a doctor's visit, the odds are that you have had to make an insurance claim at some point in your life. At that point you probably learned the importance of having a quality insurance in place to cover the bills. While there are quite a few great insurance companies out there who will be there for you when you need them, there are also a fair share of companies who are less than reputable. Although those companies may offer incredible prices, they will leave you lacking when it comes to needing their help. Below is a list of what you should consider when purchasing any insurance policy as well as some tips to save a bit of money while doing so.

Premium Determining Factors

Age, past history and location are some of the bigger factors that determine premiums but certainly not all of them. Each company places different weight on certain factors and this equation changes regularly. For example a driver with a great record but poor credit history may have ridiculous premiums with one company who sees him as being a risk but with another who focuses on other factors may offer him discount auto insurance based on his driving history.

Use Caution When Cutting Coverage to Save Money

Always make sure you fully understand what you are getting into by doing this. While in some cases it is a great idea to increase a deductible to save a bit of money, it may come with a greater risk than the potential rewards. There are many areas of “fat” that can be trimmed out of insurances with little risk just make sure it is not something that can come back and bite you if you are in a bind. In some cases increasing deductibles can be a huge money saver and can save more money over the long term of the policy than lower deductibles and higher premiums.

Try Before You Buy

Most companies offer a 30 day trial period of their coverage. During that period you should be able to cancel and be given a full refund. While this period is often too short to fully understand if the coverage is going to be suited for you, it can still be a nice perk.

Verify the Company's Ratings (Financial and Personal Users)

Knowing that the company has the finances in place to handle a claim if it arises is important. Although they may have the finances in place, they may be less useful when it comes to paying up,and that is why it is equally as important to see what other policy owners have said about their experiences. The internet has spawned tons of user generated review sites and the financial information is readily available as well. Each state has their own insurance complain department as well which will is a great resource for verifying information on the company.

Ensuring Your Agent is Licensed

While it seems unlikely, there are many horror stories of people being fleeced with fake policies. The “agent” takes an upfront fee and then disappears.

Shop Around

While many people will look around to find the best shoes or lowest price on a car or whatever, for some reason people are less inclined to do so when it comes to insurance, which is arguably more important over the course of your life. Depending on your situation, some insurance premiums can be 50% higher with different companies. Compare several policies before making any decision to an insurance.

*About the author:This post was written by Barbara Waltz one of the founders of 24/7 Quote Us, an online resource blog and insurance quote comparison guide.

*Image Credit: Photograph by Gravestone [via Flickr Creative Commons]


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Jo~Blogs said...

I recently arrange life insurance, after many years of putting off the process i decided it was time to get covered.

Anonymous said...

These are all great tips for choosing insurance... sometimes the cheapest option is NOT the best, and it can actually lead to costing more if something happens. Better to compare apples to apples in this case!

QUESTRADE COUPONS - All Coupons, discounts, promo codes, offers, and reviews said...

"Cutting Coverage"...i 100% with tis point about being cautious...i was trying to be cheap on my insurance and ended up regretting it when my external attachment was not covered 3-months later after removing it.

Land refinancing said...

Buying insurance is such a headache. Thanks for the tips.