10 Secrets to Landing the Best Job Even Before You Graduate

(This is a guest article by Mark Macaluso*)

job searchIt’s no secret that every college student aspires to secure a good job as soon as they graduate or even before; it’s what they go to college for, and it’s the sole purpose of all their hard work. So when you know you’ve found that perfect job even before you’ve stepped out of school, the elation you feel is like nothing else – you know you’ve saved yourself the agony of being a graduate without a job, you’re free of the pressure to find one even as the bills start piling up and responsibilities come calling, and you can hold your head high that you’ve achieved success in the shortest possible time. It’s not that hard to land your dream job, not if you’re willing to do all it takes; so here they are then, the secrets to landing a great job even before you graduate:

  1. Start early – even as early as high school. When you know what you want to become even before you graduate high school, it’s easy to plan your future and work towards it.

  2. Plan your career based on your interests and future prospects – make a list of all the disciplines you’re interested in and one of careers that have potential and where job prospects are good. Cross check the two lists and pick a major that finds a place on both lists. This way, you’re assured of a job that you’re interested in when you graduate.

  3. Work on your grades – college life can take you by surprise and all the freedom after the rigidity of high school could become too much to handle and you find your grades slipping. You must make an effort right from the beginning if you want to keep your grades up because good grades and consistency translate into good jobs at the end of four years.

  4. Watch what you say or post on the Internet – social networks are great no doubt, but they’re a major reason why people are losing their jobs. If you’re indiscreet in what you say or do online, if you have photos that could be construed as proof of irresponsible behavior online, you could find that employers are not too keen on hiring you, even if your credentials are otherwise impeccable.

  5. Find internships – one of the best ways to gain experience in and test the waters of any industry is to find work as an intern during your vacation. Think of it not as giving up your vacation but as a great way to check if you like a certain kind of job and if you’re suited to it and the easiest way to gain experience while still in school.

  6. Create a great resume – when your resume speaks for itself and serves as the perfect means of introduction to a potential employer, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Don’t exaggerate your accomplishments or lie about them; remember, your resume must create a positive impression and make the person reading it want to know more about you.

  7. Develop a network – let people know you’re looking for a job in the industry of your choice; keep in touch with the people who matter; make friends during your internship and focus on generating a positive impression all round.

  8. Attend job fairs – don’t miss out on opportunities to attend job fairs that are held in your vicinity. It’s your best chance to see who’s hiring and what your prospects are.

  9. Work on your interview skills – prepare for your interviews by learning more about the organizations you’re applying to, the positions you’re hoping to get, and by honing your interview skills. An interview is most often the last hurdle before you’re hired, and if you’ve come this far, you cannot blow it by not meeting expectations.

  10. Do your research – know which companies are hiring and what kind of people they’re looking for. You could post your resume on various job sites and also send it out to companies you know are hiring based on your research.

The key to securing your dream job even before you graduate is to set a goal, plan ahead, and work towards putting your plan into action so that you achieve your goal.

*About the author: This guest post is contributed by Mark Macaluso, he writes on the topic of Masters in Accounting. He welcomes your comments at his email id: mark.macaluso985<@>gmail<.>com.

*Image Credit: Photograph by cobalt123 [via Flickr Creative Commons]

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