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I recently completed my Ph.D and started to work. I realised one thing right away - I needed to do some serious research on this thing called "Personal Finance". And I needed to do it fast. While my domain knowledge was no less than anyone else in my field, I have to admit (with my head hanging in shame), that my knowledge of finance related matters is at an elemenatary level, at best. My financial IQ would qualify me to the "moron" status. So, as I browse through the cyber space and engage in stimulating discussion with the enlightened souls that my co-workers are, I realise, I have a lot to learn. And I have lost a lot of time. I wish someone had got me interested in these matters sooner ! I wish I had realised the power of "compound interest" before I became the poster child for why NOT to delay starting a nestegg.

Anyway, as they say, its never too late to start learning. And as I learn, I will blog what I learn here. The objective is two-fold -

  1. to share with other students and fresh graduates what I learn. While some of the discussion might be aimed at Ph.D students (for the simple reason that Ph.D students spend a significant part of the most productive years in school), I hope there is a little bit to take away for everyone.

  2. to examine the possibility of generating "passive income". As I read the personal finance blogs, I came across several articles discussing the revenue generated by those very blogs. Its quite amazing and I am intrigued ! I want to use this blog to experiment if a reasonable stream of income can indeed be generated simply by writing about what you are really interested in!

Finally, some disclaimers.

The material posted in these blogs are strictly the author's personal opinion. Before you act on anything you read in these blogs, please do your own research and ensure that you are not violating any laws. International students, please look out for immigration laws. All said and done, your primary goal is to obtain that degree. It is not worth risking deportation for a few extra dollars. Keep an eye on the ball and proceed with caution.

That said, let the journey begin.....

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