The Best of Blogosphere: “Personal Finance Bloggers are Remarkably Funny!” Edition

Tired of thinking and reading about debt, net worth, investments, savings, budgeting and frugal living all the time? Well, take a break! Some of the personal finance bloggers out there are remarkably funny, and for this weekend’s "Best of" Edition, I have put together seven of the funniest articles I have come across so far. Read them at a shot over the weekend, or bookmark this page and read them one article per day over the next week. No matter when you read it, I guarantee you, it will put a smile on your face. (Warning: You may not want to read these in office, some of them are really laugh-out-loud funny!)

Just around Valentine’s day, 1mil at millionster wrote a no holds barred, funny to the bone article titled Love Hurts: The Hidden Cost of Girlfriends. Nothing is safe or sacred in the hands of this guy! In the authors own words, "There are obvious costs we are obliged to shoulder whence having a girlfriend: dinners, movie tickets, abortions, etc. However, there are hidden costs that we often overlook." Those two lines right there had me hooked :) It’s a very funny read, check it out.

Of course, the fabulous singlema at Single Ma's Fabulous Financials wouldn’t let a "brutha" get away with that! For her Valentine’s day post, she wrote her own funny little rebuttal, appropriately titled The Hidden Cost of Having a Boyfriend. Boy, if we women ever need a spokesperson to represent us in the battle of the sexes, single ma should be the one. This post not only responds to 1mil’s allegations, it does so with such sharp wit that it is mmm... mmm… mmm… thoroughly enjoyable!

Shifting gears from the relationship wars, we now look at things more important. Yes, of course, I am talking about Food! Nick at Punny Money has a funny article titled Eat Your Money’s Worth at Any All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. This guy’s blog has the tag line Putting the "fun" back in "personal funance", so I wouldn’t expect any less. But boy, the post is written so earnestly, with so much thought and so much sincerity, that it had me wondering if Nick was only half-joking! No matter what, I had fun reading this one (especially since I am such a glutton myself).

This one is an oldie, but goodie. If you are familiar with CNN Money, you must be familiar with their "Millionaires in the Making" series. (If you are not familiar with CNN Money, pray tell, Why not???). Steve at adventure money has a spoof of this series and talks about the couple John and Jane Spendalot in Hundredaires in the Making. Its parodies galore! I just loved the final punch line!

And of course, no personal finance blog feels complete without a story or two about the $299 aquarium toilet. If you just went WHAT???!!! you’ve got to check out How To Flush $299 Down The Toilet by Golbguru on Money, Matter, and More Musings. The post does a great job of taking the bizarre gizmo and wrapping it into a laugh-out-loud-funny post on a financial blog! You’ve got to check it out.

David at My Two Dollars seems to have decided sarcasm is the best means to get his message across in this article titled Top Ten Reasons For Not Having A Savings Account. The title pretty much explains it all, so check it out!

Finally, the cripplingly annoying ads by seem to have got to SVB at the digerati life. Check out how she lashes back in her article Of Loan Refinancing, Debt Consolidation And LowerMyBills’ Dancing Cowboys.

That’s all for this week’s edition of the "Best of". If you have any personal favorite funny post on a finance blog (yours or others’) then please do let me know the URL by leaving a comment below. I don’t particularly care whether it’s from the archives or it’s fresh off the press, I just love funny stories. I will include it one of the future editions of the "Best of".

And before bidding goodbye, let me point you to the Carnivals and Festivals for the past week.

Enjoy your weekend!

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The Digerati Life said...

I LOVED THIS! GREAT Best of Blogsphere theme. I need to do something similar to my roundups too! :) I really appreciate this because you've already done the leg work to put all the funnies in one place. THANK YOU!

Juan Millon said...

Oh =) What a present surprise to discover our post featured on your BoB. When I first wrote it I wasn't sure how folks were going to take it since I tend to be rather edgy/controversial in my posts. I've gotten a lot of hate mail from it (mostly from -- Single Ma's response was hilarious. And of course the rest of the bloggers you mentioned are among some of my favorite up and coming.

Thanks again for the shout. =)


Mr. Honcho said...

Great post - nice to see some levity in the PF blogging world.

Golbguru said...

Ah...nice one. Don't be surprised if your idea of "the Best of ..." gets stolen sooner than later. However, I am planning on putting an antithesis of this post. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

ispf said...

Hey all, thanks for stopping by and the kind words. I enjoyed every single one of these posts, and I hope you guys will continue to write more funny posts!

Single Ma said...

Thanks for the link love. I'm honored to be included! :-)