Ethics, Values and Personal Finance Week

Grad Money Matters dedicates this week to inspecting issues related to Ethics, Values and Personal Finance.

The Agenda:

Monday: An interview with the heavy-weights of blogging, Trent (The Simple Dollar), Jim (The Blueprint for Financial Prosperity) and J. D. Roth (Get Rich Slowly) about "Ethics, Personal Finance and Blogging".

Tuesday: An interview with the divas of personal finance blogging, SVB (The Digerati Life) and Tricia (Blogging away Debt) about "Ethics, Personal Finance and the Women".

Wednesday: An interview with young and fabulous bloggers, Golbguru (Money, Matter, and More Musings), Stephanie (Poorer Than You) and the English Major (An English Major's Money) about "Ethics, Personal Finance and the Youth".

Thursday: The Carnival of Ethics, Values and Personal Finance. If you have not already submitted your articles, please do so as before Wednesday 5pm (EST) using this form. You can still submit articles to upcoming editions of the carnival using this form.

Friday: A Glimpse into the Collective Soul of the Personal Finance Bloggers.

So there, we have a lot of fun planned for this week. You will hear (I hope) from some of your favorite bloggers, so watch out this space for more updates. Alternately, you can keep track using the rss feed. And any comments on how to improve on this theme are most welcome!

NOTE: I would like to thank Penny Nickel from Money and Values for creating the Carnival of Ethics, Values and Personal Finance, and inadvertantly sparking off this event.

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The Digerati Life said...

Coolness! You're really coming up with some great stuff here ispf! Am excited to see what you come up with! :D

ispf said...

SVB: Thank for the compliment. And more importantly, thanks for your support! I really appreciate it!