The Best of Finance Blogosphere + Reminder for Book Giveaway

The giveaway for the book "The Quiet Millionaire" is in its last few days. So far, we have 49 entries for 3 books. The odds don’t look too bad :) So, if you have not yet entered, do so before the end of the weekend by leaving a comment on this post. Be sure to check back in on Monday to see if you are a winner, and on Tuesday for the announcement of a brand new giveaway!

Now onto some articles that caught my eye this past week.

This article from Single Ma takes the cake! I don’t have any kids (yet) and will probably not need to resort to these tricks any time soon – but the whole article is neatly filed away in some corner recesses of my brain. When the day comes for me to deal with a similar situation, I am pretty sure I will be able to pull it right out :) Believe me, all those of you with teen and tween age girls *want* to read this article!

Flexo at Consumerism Commentary has a great, detailed review of the online money management site Mint. I really liked that Flexo took the time to give a great introduction based on his personal financial life and then the in-depth analysis of Mint. Personally, I belong to the account-watchers-anonymous and would love to use a service like yodlee/mint. But I am so paranoid that if a hacker gets hold of such an account, he will end up having all my financial information that I have not ever opened an account at either Yodlee or Mint :(

Tricia at Blogging away debt decided yesterday was a feel good day and put up an article about Paul Potts. The first time I had seen his Britain’s Got Talent video on You Tube was probably the first time I sat through an entire opera performance! The emotional story of a dream coming true never ceases to amaze me! Head on over to Tricia’s post for some tidbits and videos about Paul Potts, for some lovely feel good weekend moments.

If you are familiar with the Sun’s Financial Diary, you probably know that he is very much into investment and does his own research. However, if you are “not quite there yet” and plan to hire a broker to handle you finances, then Sun can still provide you some great advice. In this post he offers some valuable resources for researching your broker.

Golbguru at Money, Matter and More Musings wonders whether signing the back of the card is really useful. In response to an earlier post I wrote, Anne who works at a retail store had said that at the place she works, the signature is only used to provide as proof if the credit card asks for it! In my own experience twice earlier, when my card was swapped once with my BIL and one with the better half, the signatures didn’t do diddly squat and we just kept using the other person’s card until somebody we realized that the name on the card wasn’t their own!

Pinyo at Moolanomy looks at compound interest with a slightly different perspective. He shows that the first million is the hardest to reach both psychologically and mathematically but it gets much easier after that (He actually hopes to get to 10 Mil!)

Sharon at The Frugal Duchess has a great find for all the thrift shop lovers - An Ebay style auction by goodwill stores!

Finally, Clever Dude has a very thought-provoking article titled Don’t let pride ruin your life that is not really about personal finance, but definitely worth a read.

That’s it for now folks! I hope you have a pleasant relaxed weekend.

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Pinyo said...

Thank you for mentioning my post, and congratulation to the winners of the Quiet Millionaire -- it's a good read.