And The Winners Of The Giveaway For The Book "Quiet Millionaire" Are...

Finally, it is time to announce the winners. After removing the duplicate entries, we had 51 people contesting for 3 books, bringing the odds of winning to 1:17. Not bad huh? Think you won? Well, here is a look at your competition. I have linked to your blogs when possible. I couldn’t open all the blogger profiles – so sorry I couldn’t link back to some of you.

1. Anastasia     2. paidtwice     3. Stephanie    
4. Anonymous     5. Anonymous     6. Ben    
7. Anja Merret     8. The Digerati Life     9. Brenna    
10. ashley     11. melvynadam     12. Aaron    
13. Mike     14. Viv King     15. Jon - SmartWealthyRich    
16. AlvaroF     17. KK     18. ka    
19. Edwin     20. golbguru     21. Sun    
22. David     23. Jason     24. Nigel    
25. KatDJZ     26. beth     27. Diane    
28. Patrick     29. Paul     30. Upsidedown    
31. Anonymous     32. micromysore     33. ryan    
34. Smitha     35. mapgirl     36. the man    
37. Stephanie     38. GeckoGirl     39. Young in Red    
40. Call 2 Arms     41. Marie     42. Marsha P    
43. Peter     44. Anonymous     45. the baglady    
46. Anonymous     47. Anonymous     48. SJean    
49. Kara     50. Maya     51. Anonymous    

I ran the numbers through the random number generator at and the winners are –

Congratulations Anonymous, Diane and the man! I will send you an email to get your shipping addresses and soon you can be on your way to the quiet millions :)

The rest of you, please don’t be disheartened too soon. Check out this spot tomorrow for the announcement of another great book giveaway!

Until then, ta ta...

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KK said...

Did you have to be a blogger to participate?

ispf said...

kk: No you don't! I just need to be able to contact you if you win - so please leave me your email address either through the comment or an email to me. I have just posted a new giveaway - I hope you will participate.

Jason said...

Dang! Better luck next time! Thanks for the link btw.

The Digerati Life said...

Thanks for listing out all the commenters! Wow that's a lot of entries. I wish I had a better chance to win .... :) Great contest! I'm doing one in a few weeks as well. Hopefully you'll be able to join.

ispf said...

Jason: I posted another giveaway today for another fascinating book. I hope you have better luck this time.

SVB: I will surely join the contest on your blog (and hopefully win :)

the man said...

thanks! thats awesome that i won! I emailed you my info