17 Free Resources to Help Raise Your GMAT Score

(This is a guest article by Brandon Laughridge*)

Record numbers of professionals are losing their jobs and saturating the job market, making competition for available positions very intense. If you have the cash available, now could be a prime time to consider the idea of going to business school. An MBA will differentiate you from the competition and offer increased earning potential. Even if you're just entertaining the idea, it may be wise to do some studying and take the GMAT as scores are valid for 5 years anyway. Everyone knows about the expensive GMAT prep courses available but did you know there's a ton of free resources available online to help you raise your GMAT score? Here's 17 of my favorite free resources to check out before looking into more expensive prep options.

Math Practice

Verbal Practice

Genteral Practice Resources

General GMAT Resources

  • MBA.com - The official GMAT website.

  • Mark Rice's GMAT Help - Notes, tips, and study guides based on Mark's personal experience with the GMAT.

  • Gmat Hacks - Jeff Sackmann's guide to improving your GMAT scores from his own admissions journey.

*About the author: This guest post was written by Brandon of Online Business Degree.org, an Online Business Degree Review site.

*Image Credit: Photograph by bitslice [via Flickr Creative Commons]

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Eve said...

Cool thanks for all the resources on this post - I'm studying for my GMAT rt now and hoping to take the exam within the next year or so. :)

ispf said...

Good Luck, Eve! I hope you ace your exam!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if these resources would help with the GRE as well?

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