20 Free Personal Finance Podcasts and News Sites

Managing your personal investments and planning for your future doesn't have to be a confusing or costly process. There are a number of great podcasts and online news sites dedicated to helping you make the best of your financial future. This article has a list of 20 financial sites worth checking out:


Kiplinger - Kiplinger Personal Finance offers free weekly podcasts that cover top stories in their magazine. These half-hour long podcasts provide practical advice on managing your money and securing your financial future.

Money Girl - This podcast from Laura Adams, a personal finance author, educates listeners about complex finance issues. In each episode, Money Girl seeks to inform and motivate listeners to reach and preserve their wealth.

Feed the Pig - Feed the Pig is a practical podcast that offers tips and tools to curb your spending, reduce your debt, and increase your savings.

Plain Talk on Investing - This podcast, presented by Vanguard, provides listeners with easy-to-follow steps for reaching financial success. Plain Talk on Investing looks at the market and the best way to invest your money.

Sound Investing - This radio show podcast features clear and concise advice from financial educators. Sound Investing advises listeners about managing money and investing for retirement.

Pro Money Talk - Pro Money Talk is dedicated to helping working people save and invest for the future. This hour long podcast uses educational discussions, interviews, and success stories to cover a wide range of personal finance issues.

Money Guy - The Money Guy podcast offers financial tools and information to get your finances on track.

Watching your Wallet - The Wall Street Journal offers several different financial podcasts, including Watching your Wallet. This daily, five to ten minute podcast features little tips to increase your financial health.

No Credit Needed Podcast - The No Credit Needed Podcast offers tips and information for debt reduction, frugal living, and saving money. Each episode runs anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes and features several handy ways to manage your personal finances.

Marketplace Money - The Marketplace Money podcast offers several tips and tricks to business and personal finances.

MoneySmartz - This financial guide offers several podcasts about managing money. Along with podcasts you can also find financial guides, blogs, profiles, and reviews.

News Sites

Bloomberg - This top-notch news site provides several resources for managing your personal finances. A few worth checking out are the portfolio tracker, financial calculators, and financial glossary.

The Motley Fool - The Motley Fool is a large investment community loaded with information on personal finance, retirement, and investments. This site's personal finance page discusses spending habits, saving, debt, taxes, and even offers a link to free personal finance software.

TheStreet.com - One of the leading financial media companies, TheStreet.com features a large personal finance section. Resources include articles on managing your money, retirement, investments, and expert perspectives.

SocialFunds - SocialFunds, one of the largest personal finance sites on the web, provides the latest news and investment information. The site features over 10,000 pages on socially responsible investing.

Forbes.com - Forbes.com, a leading place to find news and information, features a large personal finance web page with resources for investing, retirement, taxes, and mutual funds.

MarketWatch - MarketWatch's personal finance section offers tips about real estate, taxes, spending and saving, retirement, career, and small business.

WalletPop - This news site from AOL Money and Finance offers an assortment of different features for understanding and managing your personal finances. The site also has the latest information about budgeting, debt management, banking, and budgeting calculators.

Yahoo! Personal Finance News - Yahoo! Personal Finance News provides top stories about investments, debt, credit, and more.

CNNmoney.com - CNNmoney.com offers a free personal finance section with tons of money saving features. This is a great site to find budgeting tips and information as well as the best investments to save for your retirement.

*About the author: This post was written by Karen Schweitzer, the About.com Guide to Business School. Karen also writes about accredited online colleges for OnlineColleges.net

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StephaniePTY said...

I'm quite partial to the Personal Finance Hour myself: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/personalfinancehour

Jeff9 said...

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RateNerd said...

Good list, and if you are looking for unadvertised deals from banks and bank rates check out RateNerd.com

Kerry a.k.a- Money Saving Mama said...

Another great site for Practical Money Saving Tips that you may want to consider is: http://www.savingmoneysmarts.com/money_for_college_students.html

Anonymous said...

Nice list of websites there. A really great (Australian) one is: http://afr.com/ - live data and always up to the minute articles. Thanks,

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